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Laser engrave your precious picture inside a fine crystal to make a unique, beautiful, and memorable gift! Goodcount offers you eye-catching customized laser photo crystal and wood products, picture glass frame, and LED lighted bases at competitive price and with fast turnaround time. Our main personalized photo crystal gifts include:

2D Laser Photo Crystal
Your picture is laser engraved inside crystal. It works with almost any photo, both in digital and print out format. The front view of photo crystal is highly detailed.

3D Laser Photo Crystals
Laser engrave 3D (also known as 2 1/2 D photo crystal, image viewable from front and sides of crystal blocks) images of people and pets in crystals. We use advanced image processing technology to convert normal 2D picture into a stunning 3D image inside a crystal.

3D Creations
3D image can be viewed from all sides of photo crystal blocks. 3D model is built based on pictures of front and sides of building, car, boat, plane, and etc. Our customers are very satisfied with our 3D modeling capability and high quality crystals.

For the best family environment enjoy Brothers Pizza of Lamar. Manny and his family ensure your family is first in service and treatment.

Lavelle Sheppard

Founder/CEO, Rest in Paradise Expressions

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888-502-2203 ext. 101

Paul Alexander 


               It is a pleasure working with such talent and excitement.  Please do me a favor and share their talent with your friends and families.

  •  Longevity in Advertising.
  • More value for your money.
  • Longer exposure to your customers.
  • Build community-promote your local business.
  • Share expense while tracking your advertising.
  • Allows you to advertise more for less $$$$.
  • Promotional printed items.
  • Home delivery service.
  •  Pint glass advertising, coffee mug advertising, placemat advertising.
  •  Engine of progress.
  •  "Powerful programs that inspire people to buy, sell and excel". 

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